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Vermouth Crianza

Grapes: Zalema & Pedro Ximénez.
Description: Exquisite vermouth wine, made upon a sweet wine and the addition of a macerated infusion containing more than 30 aromatic herbs – the best “holandas” – what gives the authentic vermouth essence. This elixir joins the sweet wine within american oak barrels to bring an exquisite aperitive cocktail.
Colour: mid tone mahogany.
Aroma: very complex and harmonic, with a very wide and impresive range of floral tones, proper of herbal componentes in this artisanal vermouth.
Palate: tasty and untuous, sweet and dry at the same time, remembers infinite herbal and fruity tones. Superb ending.
Suitable for: aperitives.
Serve at 10º C
Cont.: 75 cl
Alc.: 15%
Botles: 6 per case
Cases: 100 per pallet