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Lágrima de Vino Naranja

D.O. Condado de Huelva
Grapes: Palomino fino, Garrido, Zalema & Pedro Ximenez.
Description: Author wine, made of a limited edition coupage. A 1940 Oloroso “solera” wine blended with an old Vino Naranja, obtained from the maceration of sweet wine with bitter ecological orange skin during more than 12 months in american oak barrels.
Colour: very dark mahogany because of oxidation in american oak barrels.
Aroma: incredible conjuction in nose of the citric tones of orange with the velvety touch of Pedro Ximenez, perfectly assembled with the spirit of our limited 1940 Oloroso.
Palate: powerful, armonic, makes evident the delicate coexistence of the very old Oloroso and the unique Vino Naranja, totally opposite but masterly together in an outstanding spirituous wine of balsamic notes, ripen fruit, nuts, moka, chocolate and “soleras”, something exclusive and unrepeatable.
Suitable for: aperitive, after-lunch and desserts.
Cont.: 50cl
Alc.: 15%
Botles: 6 per case
Cases: 50 per pallet