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Orange Wine

D.O. Condado de Huelva
Grape: Zalema & Pedro Ximenez.
Description: Exquisite sweet dessert wine from Pedro Ximenez and Zalema grape varieties macerated with the peel of ecological bitter orange during 12 months inside american oak casks and after aged during 5 years by using the traditional system of “soleras y criaderas”.
Aroma: espectacular with deep reminiscence of orange, coffee and roasted notes. Amazing balsamic ending.
Colour: very dark mahogany because of oxidation in american oak barrels.
Palate: powerful and harmonious, with a great balance between the bitter orange peel and the oily vigour of the Pedro Ximenez grape, roasted almond touch and varnish, strong with a long and incomparable taste end. Something unique in the world of wine.
Suitable as: an appetizer or dessert, with chocolate and almonds, peaches, apples, or apricots. For dipping biscotti, moistening cakes, or adding to trifles.
Cont.: 50cl
Alc.: 15%
Bottles: 6 per case
Cases.: 124 per pallet